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Added: 10/06/2014

Version: 1.0.6

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Works for incoming and outgoing calls
Runs in the background

No call management features
Expert's Review

Automatically switch on hands-free mode

The speakerphone is one of my favorite mobile phone features of all time, and it's great to be able to talk and have your hands free at the same time.

Unfortunately, setting speakerphone as your default way of answering the phone isn't really possible on the Windows Mobile platform - unless you have SpeakerPhone installed on your device. This simple, free utility automatically switches on the hands-free mode when a call comes in, or even when you make an outgoing call.

Configuring SpeakerPhone is a very straightforward proposition. You simple need to enable the appropriate option in the Incoming or Outgoing call menu in the program. You can also set the application to auto-answer, specifying the delay time.

Once launched, the application will hide itself and display an icon on the home screen, which you can use to open it and adjust its settings. This makes SpeakerPhone very simple to operate, although it would've been nice to have seen some extra features tagged onto the interface, such as in-call volume control or a Hold switch.

But if you just want a quick and easy way of automatically switching your device to speakerphone, this app is ideal.

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