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Snake Deluxe

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Added: 04/19/2014

Version: 2.0

File size: 7.1 MB


Lots of levels
Simple controls
Bright, colorful graphics

Frustratingly difficult
Expert's Review

Revamped version of the classic mobile game

If you used to enjoy playing Snake on your old Nokia phone, then you'll love Snake Deluxe.

The object of Snake Deluxe, as with the original, is to guide a serpent around the screen, gobbling up the fruits that appear. The more fruit you eat, the longer the snake becomes, and therefore the more difficult it is to turn steer him around the screen. Controls are straightforward, and merely involve tapping the directional buttons to turn in a particular direction.

Snake Deluxe is a little more complex than the original Snake, and it can be a bit too challenging at times, even on easy mode. There are lots of obstacles placed around the screen, which you need to wind your way around in order to avoid losing a life. There are plenty of power-ups to collect in Snake Deluxe, too, such as presents which shorten the snake and clocks that give you more time.

There's plenty of gameplay in Snake Deluxe. The full version includes 32 levels set across four worlds, each with a different boss to defeat. There's an adventure mode, with a story you need to finish, and a free mode, where you can choose where you want to play.

Snake Deluxe doesn't break any new ground, but it is a fun remake of a classic mobile game.