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Frosty Factory

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Added: 04/18/2014

Version: 1.0

File size: 1.7 MB


Addictive gameplay
Effective use of sound
Clear, animated tutorial
Bright, colorful graphics

Stingy trial period
Expert's Review

Klax clone with a frozen twist

Working in a factory is normally a mind-numbing and turgid affair. Not when you work in the Frosty Factory though, where there's never a dull moment.

Of course, it's not a real factory, but rather a mobile game in the style of the classic Klax arcade puzzler. Instead of arranging tiles though, it's colored ice cubes (which look remarkably like tiles) that you must deal with. As they fall down from the conveyor belt you must catch them on your paddle before dropping them into piles in the tubes below. As soon as you have three cubes of the same color in a column, row, or diagonally, they disappear and you get succulent points.

Frosty Factory is pretty easy to pick up and play, especially if you've played Klax-style games before. If you haven't, then pay attention to the animated tutorial at the beginning, which explains what you need to do in a very clear manner.

The game itself is pretty addictive and once you've got used to the high speed of the conveyor belt and get the knack of stacking lots of cubes on your paddle at once before dropping them in the right place, you'll be hooked. Hooked that is, until the demo runs out on the second level. I'm all for developers releasing limited demos for people to try their products but the trial period for Frosty Factory is just far too short for my liking, and doesn't give you a chance to really sample how levels might vary in the game.

That said, Frosty Factory a polished game, with good use of music and sound effects and colorful, well-animated graphics.

A great time-waster, especially if you enjoyed games like Klax.

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